What Are The Advantages Of TFT Display Modules That Are Widely Used In LCD Screens

One of the striking symbols of modern society is various large and small display screens. Thin screens can appear everywhere, projecting rich information for us. Generally speaking, most screens are LCD screens. It was the breakthrough in LCD technology that made the screen very thin and light. There are currently three types of LCD screens: LCD, LED and organic light-emitting diode. LCD is a cheap, stable, and first-ever liquid crystal screen that is still widely used in various fields and occasions. TFT display module is the core component of contemporary mainstream LCD screens:


  1. High responsiveness

The full name of TFT is Thin Film Transistor (TFT), which is a liquid crystal display with this kind of module. Each pixel is driven by a thin film transistor (TFT) integrated on the back, so the responsiveness is very high, that is, the point is the response. Compared with LCD screens of other display modules, the display module has higher responsiveness, which is commonly known as a more sensitive screen response.


  1. High brightness

As we all know, compared with LED, LCD screen relies on internal light to display, which contains light-emitting tubes. LCD with display module is no exception. But it is technically optimized and driven by an active matrix that can actively control on and off at any point. When the light source emits light, the light first transmits through the liquid crystal molecules through the polarizer, and then changes the shading rate to achieve the purpose of display, so the brightness can reach a very high level.


  1. High contrast

The display module improves the flickering (water ripple) blur phenomenon of traditional LCD screens and improves the ability to play dynamic images. Compared with STN LCD screens, TFT has better restoration ability, color saturation and higher contrast, and can achieve display effects of 65,536 colors, 160,000 colors, and 16 million colors.



In short, the display module is an important component in the LCD screen. It is the core "control system" that integrates multiple functions. It is its soul and represents the technical level of the LCD screen. In a sense, it is precisely because of the emergence of this module that LCD has not been eliminated by LED, so it can regain its vitality and continue to play a role for mankind.




With the widespread application of industrial control systems and the upgrading of industrial control products, the demand for TFT color LCD modules is increasing day by day. However, most TFT modules currently available on the market do not have control circuits, and many application engineers are faced with confusion on how to apply color LCD modules and design control circuits for color LCD modules. The display module uses the T8000 series, which is a self-developed LCD module controller. In addition to common LCD control functions, it also has a graphics accelerator that can quickly set practical drawing functions such as points, lines, rectangles, circles, fill colors, and controllable cursors through simple instructions.


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